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Carpentry Services

See All of Our Carpentry Services.Whether you want us to build you a wooden house or alter your wooden fireplace mantel – we’re up to it!

Decks & Porches

Even 50 years ago your options for the front doors design were quite limited. This means that if now you will be looking for a sweet wooden style for your home’s main…

Doors and Windows

No one can argue the fact, that when you speak of your house, the front porch is definitely the face of it, so to say. This is why creating a unique, custom-made…

Wooden Houses and Saunas

Yes, people still love to build wooden houses for themselves!While this most likely will not be your permanent residence, but rather a small vacation house somewhere at nature, still you will need a team of carpenters and woodworkers, right?

Interior Trim and Decorative Moldings

While interior trim and decorative moldings may be one of the most familiar staples at American homes, alluding you to the thought, that there can be nothing added to it, this assumption is wrong. Actually, wooden craftsmanship will undoubtedly give you tons…


The look, feel and styling of your home is one of the most crucial features of your living space. We offer you to make your home stand out with fresh vibrant colors.

Home Renovations

Any scale of a home remodeling or renovation gives you a chance to enhance your living space by incorporating some awesome wooden elements and furniture into it.

We’re the Best, Here’s Why:

Founded in the middle of the last century by a Russian Woodmaster from Siberia, this company has lived through good times and bad times…

Also, we can add that we understand the construction and renovation business because we’re from the local area, and we’ll chip in that expertise and experience to any project that you might hire us for!